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Full Brush Set



Full Brush Set

A beautiful arrangement of 10 versatile high quality makeup brushes plus a gorgeous nude durable makeup bag. Get the full set at an amazing price while supplies last!

This is a $82 value for $45!



L11: The L11 Flat Top Kabuki Brush is the ultimate foundation brush, perfect for blending out cream products leaving you with a soft air brushed finish. The bristles are crimped at the base so your cream products aren’t absorbed into the brush.  We know you’ll love the look you get from the L11 super soft kabuki brush!

L12: The L12 Tapered Powder Brush is great for any powder product. We recommend it for baking or setting powder to the under eye area. It’s tapered shape allows you to precisely apply powder wherever you need it.

L13:  Get a beautiful blend with our L13 Rounded Contour Brush.  The shape of bristles fits perfectly into the angles of the face for a precise blend.

L14: The L14 Angled Blush/Bronzer Brush is designed with the perfect angle for the perfect application. This is our super soft angled bronzer and blush brush. Fits perfectly into the cheekbone for a beautiful contoured/bronzed look. Also great for applying blush or any powder products on the apples on the cheeks! 

L15: Create a stunning highlight with the L15 Highlighter Brush. The L15 was designed with longer bristles to dip into your favorite highlighter and apply perfectly to your upper cheekbones or any other detailed areas.

L16: The L16 Pencil/Detail Brush was designed with a smaller tip for precise detailed work. Perfect for blending out eyeshadows and any detail work needed.

L17: The L17 Lid Shader Brush is great for applying eyeshadows to the eyelid. It was designed with short flat laying bristles to allow the eyeshadow to pack on and build up pigment. It is also great for carving out cream products on the eyelid or applying concealer to the under eye. 

L18: The L18 Eyeshadow Blender Brush is our blender for the crease area. It has the perfect amount of density for the perfect soft blend. 

L19: The L19 Oval Shader Brush is perfect for eyeshadow on the lower lash line. It has shorter densely packed bristles that are great for any smudging of eyeshadow!

L20: The L20 Eyeliner Brush is made specifically for gel eyeshadow. Great for any eyeliner detail work including winged eyeliner. 


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